Brooks Reach Building adventure

Come with us now on a tale of the mighty house building.

Important things to remember

The following Certificates or Warranties should be sought, prior to handover and or settlement (* check the terms and conditions of your building contract.)
1. TERMITE TREATMENT NOTICE: The pest treatment type and the name of the contractor, its
warranty in relation to annual inspections must be sought. (The Termite treatment notice is yet to be
fitted within the meter box unit and this notice MUST BE followed by the homeowner, once fitted.)
(NOTE: Termite Reticulation Systems to be encased in 150mm of sand or soil for Chemical injection.)
2. Engineer’s certification for the as executed works for the concrete slab reinforcement, if applicable,
sites retaining walls, any supporting structural steelwork & LVL beam/s, if installed.
3. * Frame and Truss manufacturer’s certification for the frame bracing and truss bracketing layouts.
(For steel frames the manufacturer is to provide certification from the designing Engineer)
4. “Home Owners Warranty Insurance” certificate.
5. Final Survey document.
6. Occupation Certificate. (All these documents will be required by your PCA prior to issuing the OC)
7. Wet area and Waterproofing warranties and compliance certification, upon completion.
8. * Plumber’s Certificate of Compliance for Plumbing and Drainage, upon completion.
9. * Plumber’s/Drainer’s Certificate of Compliance for Site Drainage, upon completion, if applicable
within the builder’s contract specifications.
10. * Electrician’s Certificate of Compliance, upon completion.
11. Shower Screen’s glazing certificate, upon completion.
12. Smoke alarm certificate, upon completion.
13. * BaSIX Certificate: Installation of the as contracted wall and or ceiling insulation, the exhaust fans
and range hoods to comply with BaSIX requirements as was originally certified. (The insulation,
installation also to comply with the requirements around any installed ceiling downlights and any
fitted exhaust fan units.)

^^(obtained from Howard Ryan inspection report)


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