Brooks Reach Building adventure

Come with us now on a tale of the mighty house building.

Things we’d change (& issues)

While this is a mostly graphical record of the issues we faced, what we consider ‘big problems’ are highlight below

Dodgy brick

Bed 3 gap

broken door


Third-party tiling (pre AND post handover issues):

Our tiling was scheduled to commence on Thurs 8th August and be completed no later than Monday the 12th. We had to push this back due to our SS needing to complete works before we got the keys so we gave our tiling company plenty of notice and scheduled our tiling in for the following week; Tiling commencing on the 15th and completed no later than Monday 19th.
Well it didn’t quite go like that. Our SS was kind enough to open the house over the weekend for the tiler (contracted by South Coast Floor Coverings) so he could finish his work. He had promised the SS to be done by Sunday so our handover could go ahead without any issues on Monday 19th. Unfortunately the tiler didn’t show over the weekend and it was evident he had been smoking inside our beautiful, freshly painted house, leaving cigarette butts in several rooms (rooms he wasn’t even tiling in)
We turned up to collect our keys and spoke to him onsite advising that we were moving in on Wednesday and our carpets were due to be installed Thursday. He laughed a little and said ‘no no that can’t happen, i won’t be finished by then’. We politely advised him we had been assured by SCFC that he was meant to be finished by the end of the day at the latest; not another week!!! Hubby spoke to a few people at SCFC and finally got onto the manager. They accepted no responsibility and said it was our fault for changing the initial date, that’s why this has happened to us. The manager also advised that there is meant to be three men on the job, not one, so that’s why things are going slow too. What we don’t understand is why we’ve obviously paid for a three man job and were promised it’d be done by a certain time and we’ve ended up with one man and a huge delay. We were simply told to change our removalist date, as if that was ever a feasible option. Hubby said it wasn’t on and that at the very least the tiler had to move all his stuff over to one small section of the garage so we can at least put our furniture in there until we have access to our lovely home and can clean it all and move things in on Thursday/Friday.
Needless to say we are not happy with how SCFC have handled this issue.


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