Brooks Reach Building adventure

Come with us now on a tale of the mighty house building.

With a rooftop over our heads

on June 2, 2013

That’s right, the roof is on!!!! The corner pieces are still to be laid but that won’t be til later in the build. There is some nice shiny stuff on the inside of the roof though.IMG_3165 (Large)

Downpipes have been installed (still to be painted though) along with gutters and fascia. Downpipes and roof
Hubby and I are still trying to decide if it was wise to go with Sandbank for our downpipes or if it would have been better going monument. What do you think? Let me know in the comment section below.

We have Howard Ryan (HnK Ryan) going through the house with our SS tomorrow for the first of two private inspections. This one is the lock up / Pre-plaster inspection and Howard will be onsite between 7am and 8am take photos, record any issues and send through the report to us later in the evening. We then have to forward this report onto our SS.

Weather is dreadful outside right now but forecast for the week is mostly sunny. Praying for a little more sunshine so the tradies can finish everything they need to before moving inside!

Bathy times

Branden in the bath… Stop looking, you pervs!

Chef Ruby in the future kitchen

Nearly done with the roof..Back entryFront entryrooftiles





5 responses to “With a rooftop over our heads

  1. Joh says:

    you guys are so cute!
    for the downpipes, i say whatever colour will best camouflage into the brickwork! you don’t want to make them a feature!!!
    all looks beautiful so far Ruby! so so excited for you!!!

    • Rubyam says:

      Heheh Hey Johhhhhhhhhh 🙂
      Yeah i think our original colour choice of Sandbank will probably blend best – it’s just hard to see now before it’s painted and the other bits and pieces are installed.

      Thanks for following along and commenting 🙂

  2. Hannie says:

    Okay English moment what’s the difference between Sandbank and Monument when it comes to downpipes? Ours are black plastic……

    It’s all so exciting! Hopefully one day you’ll be giving me the guided tour in person rather than via a website lol.

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