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Kitchen Spec

on February 20, 2013

Our kitchen meeting was part of our first Clarendon Create appointment but I felt it needed it’s own post as it’s such an important part of our home.
The kitchen has always been my focus during the house hunting and now building process. Thankfully I have an incredible husband that has supported my kitchen-crush during this whole time. A promise of never ending brownies may have also helped!

Our kitchen will have 3m long stone benchtops with a breakfast bar extension making the island bench even wider. We will have a 900mm gas cooktop, canopy ducted rangehood and 600mm electric oven. We will eventually have a side-by-side fridge/freezer with a filtered water point. WE HAVE A HUGE WALK IN PANTRY! We haven’t picked out tiles yet as our builder is making us wait until construction is under way (who knows why!) but they’ll be a light colour like this:ZIRVE BEIGE (MARBLE) - Tile Sample from QQ

We describe the feel of our future kitchen as open and earthy with the green and brown tones. One of the best upgrades we made was our kitchen sink to be a double bowl sink. Best $15 upgrade I think! Of course we had to source specific models and ask for a price on all the items we wanted, but that wasn’t too much work. We also upgraded our oven to a newer model too for a small fee.
Branden’s Grandma & Poppop gave me some money towards my KitchenAid that I’ll purchase as a house warming gift to myself when we move in. I’m thinking green apple KitchenAid Green Apple Artisan or possibly Cobalt Blue (B’s fave colour is blue) Cobalt Blue KitchenAid. The hubby will probably spend his gift money on electronics or something for the theatre room. Boys and their toys!

The original quote for upgrades came to a total of $12,970!!!!!! *wide eyes*. We just couldn’t believe the cost for some of the items. We didn’t get a quote for the tepanyaki built in cooktop with wok, I think that would have been neat but very expensive. We would have loved to have SMEG appliances too but agreed we could upgrade to those later once we settle in and save for those kind of things.

Below are the items we had quoted (with approximate figures):

  • Craftwood bulkheads above cabinets (between ceiling and cabinets) $420 Did not get this upgrade (Essentially it’s a fake wall so you don’t have to dust above your cabinets. How silly)
  • Provide matching door colour above canopy rangehood $192 Did not get this upgrade
  • Matching door colour bottoms to matching side of wall cabinets either side of rangehood $190 Did not get this upgrade
  • 300mm depth extra overhang to breakfast bar $400
  • 20mm thick stone benchtop, pencil round edge $4000
  • Laminex crystal gloss melamine doors/panels (Espresso) $2100 Did not go with this upgrade
  • Brushed aluminium laminated kickboards $420 Did not get this upgrade
  • Lamanix metaline splashback (including behind rangehood), Champagne Perle $2600
  • 1 x bank of 2x pot drawers righthand side of underbench oven $220
  • Soft closing drawers – $820 Did not go with this upgrade
  • Soft closing door hinges – $384 Did not go with this upgrade

*Microwave provision removed
*Aware that our fridge door will not extend fully due to wall cavity.

Our total for upgrades/changes etc came to around $6000

This is our beautiful kitchen plan

Kitchen drawing

Splashback: Laminex Metaline Champagne Perle champagne_perle splashback You can’t tell from the picture but it is a soft green colour that hs a subtle gold fleck through it. So pretty.

Benchtop: Quantum Quartz New Diamond white New Diamond White stone benchtop

Kitchen cabinets: Wilsonart Chocolate O547 Morro Zephyr 4846

Cooktop: westinghouse ghr95s – 5 burners baby! GHR95S-14700
Oven: POR667S POR667S-14158

Sink: R175 MK II double bowl sink R175 MK II double bowl sink

rangehood: WRF900CS-6286 – Canopy Rangehood WRF900CS-6286 - Canopy Rangehood

The colours will end up looking something like the below design sample (The design is different though)

Envisage Kitchen design

Up next: Clarendon Create pt2 (internal colours, alarms, bathrooms and other not so exciting things)…


9 responses to “Kitchen Spec

  1. melissasavage says:

    Jelly would love a Teppanyaki grill, but I totally get why that’s out of reach. Meanwhile, you’re supposed to dust above your cupboards?

    • Ruby Maynes says:

      I know right! Dusting!! I don’t think I’ve dusted once since being in this apartment.. maybe that’s why we’re always sneezing?! Anyways, on pinterest i saw a good tip to lay down wax paper on the top of the cupboards and just set a reminder to replace once a month or something so you don’t have to worry about awkward dusting! Woo, Pinterest!

  2. krodgers2013 says:

    Love your kitchen Ruby! The colours are beautiful. I love your design and how much room there is! Heaven is working in a kitchen with room to move and put things! I think we are getting a similar rangehood, have decided to stay with the 600mm cooktop though. Our cupboards all have bulkheads, so no dusting to be done for me – yay!

    • Ruby Maynes says:

      Ohh thank you :)!! Envious of your space & bulkheads K!! To be honest, if we could afford them we would have gone with them.. I can be pretty bad with dusting haha!! I have been meaning to comment over on your blog (but i have it in my RSS feed so i get any updates now when you post!) I am looking to you for inspiration of tiles etc; so be prepared for a comment or two soon!

      • Venkat says:

        Like your kitchen design and colour selection. Ours will also have an island bench and concept oak chocolatey tone. The appliance bench is long 4.3 metres that makes it open and inviting.

        My kitchen, pantry, family and dining design is very similar to your Kentville design.

        I note that you have BAL 12.5 rating for bushfire. Have you got your Section 149 certificate yet. We were told a similar rating by Stockland before registration of land; however, when we applied for CDC approval, section 149 noted no reed for bushfire compliance and we saved 5K.


      • Ruby Maynes says:

        Hi VenKat!
        Wow 4.3m long; sounds palatial! The kitchen area is definitely my favourite part of the house 🙂

        When we purchased our land (within the first week of the Brooks Reach release) our lot wasn’t classified as having any bushfire clarification; our builder Clarendon did our tender based on another lot (because they are crazy) so there was a lot of ‘no we’re not, yes are’ as to bushfire classification. The lot next to ours is in a BAL area but after the initial report Stockland conducted it said we were not. Apparently there was an error made and when we received our plans back from CDC they confirmed we are in a bush fire 12.5 zone. SO ANNOYING! We had already decided we were going to have sarking anyway to help with the energy rating of our house (plus our roof colour is dark) so the price increase isn’t too dramatic after that big expense. I guess it worked out in the end that Clarendon had included the cost of the bushfire items in our tender so we weren’t shocked at how much it cost together in total. Because we were unaware of the BAL rating when we purchased our lot Stockland has given us a small rebate to help meet the unexpected cost increase.

        Glad that things are moving along for you now VenKat 🙂

      • Venkat says:

        Hi Ruby,

        I wish you had escaped that BAL 12.5 requirement!

        Just caught up on the all the buzz between you and Wiz in Home One Forum; looks like you are almost ready for a site start. All the very best.

        All that lawn mowing to clear the land, Wow, you and your partner are keen!

        The grass on my block of land is quite tall and dense. With no “lawn mowing” experience, I am thinking of employing some like JIM’s Mowing to get the job done in another 4 weeks or so. Do you have a better Gardner on mind?

        It looks like your lot and mine are on the same street at Brooks Reach.

        Hope the Sunday BBQ went well.


      • Ruby Maynes says:

        HI VenKat 🙂
        We wished we had escaped the BAL 12.5 too 😦 especially because we fought it for so long thinking we were clear! Thankfully we’re not too close to all the forest area so we’re not actually worried about being in danger.

        Our builder had asked us to make sure the lawn was mowed and clear of any rubbish before they could do the peg out survey and get ready for construction!
        As hubby & I are first home buyers and still considered ‘young’ (25/26) we couldn’t afford to hire someone to mow the lawn; though we were out there for hours on a 30 degree day and in the end it would have been worth it to pay someone. Good idea going with Jim’s mowing; that’s who I’d get to mine for sure. Our lawn was quite long and we couldn’t do it’s entirety as we didn’t have a whippersnipper – To save yourself time/hassle if you can afford it i would hire someone 🙂

  3. Venkat says:

    I hope you got the joinery contact details I left on my blog for you. I can post it here too if you wish. We are having an appointment with Beny’s joinery next week.

    I made some comments on your driveway concerns in the Homeone forum. I can post a picture of the storm water pit in our driveway if you wish to have a look.

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