Brooks Reach Building adventure

Come with us now on a tale of the mighty house building.

Land Registration Update

on March 13, 2012

After heading out to the site at Brooks Reach on Sunday 11th March we heard that since November 2011 the developer has recorded 60 rain days … that’s huge! As such we were recently reissued with an updated estimate as to when our land may register and settle. Our lot is in stage 4 and we’ve known it would be at least June before our stage was ready, but the setback is still disheartening. Just one of those things we can’t control. Keep praying for warm, sunny days!

For lot details click here Brooks Reach lot plan feb 2012
Below is an updated post of all the land registration details we have had up to date:

Registration Update 8th March 2012

Stage 1: Registration anticipated June 2012

Stage 2: Registration anticipated June 2012

Stage 3: Registration anticipated June/July 2012

Stage 4: Registration anticipated June/July 2012  —> Our stage!

Stage 5: Registration anticipated July 2012

Stage 6: Registration anticipated June 2012

Registration Update 17 February 2012

Stage 1: Registration anticipated May 2012

Stage 2: Registration anticipated April 2012

Stage 3: Registration anticipated May 2012

Stage 4: Registration anticipated June 2012 —> Our stage

Stage 6: Registration anticipated June 2012

Registration Update 16 November 2011

Stage 1: Registration anticipated May 2012

Stage 2: Registration anticipated April 2012

Stage 3: Registration anticipated May 2012

Stage 4: Registration anticipated June 2012 —> Our stage


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